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Balayage You Ask?

What exactly is Balayage? I hear this question all the time and I would love to fill you in on what this raving trend today is all about. This technique of hair color has been around some time now and is now a popular request in salons due to most of your A-listers and models. This is a look to be sought after! So, lets get started.

1. Balayage means to sweep or paint in French. A technique that gives a more natural hair color that has a "Sun-Kissed" look. It is a look that nature gives us naturally. A great example would be to look at children's hair. You will notice their hair has softer, more natural and less noticeable regrowth lines. It is a more natural look that anyone can acquire rather you have long hair or short, dark hair or blonde. You can even go more bold with this look also. Most everyone is a great candidate for this look unless you have a very, very short hair style.

2. Balayage is applied by a freehand technique on the surface of the hair without saturating through unless you want to on the ends. You also use some feathering of the product to give it that natural blended effect. After it is fully applied you will sit and air process bc it can not be put under a typical hair dryer to speed up the process.

3. Balayage is lower maintenance bc it grows out beautifully and naturally without any obvious regrowth lines, unlike a typical foil highlight. Also, depending on the look you are trying to achieve determines how many sessions it will take to achieve that look for the integrity of your hair. With that said, if you are going for a more brighter look or platinum, it can take up to several hair sessions to achieve that look depending on your exsiting hair color starting point. As for scheduling for your hair appointments, a typical foil highlight you schedule between 6 to 8 weeks apart but with Balayage you can easily go 3 to 8 months between appointments.

I hope this has cleared up any unanswered questions you have regarding Balayage and what the rave is all about on the streets. If not please feel free to contact me at and I would be more than happy to talk with you about the process, looks to be achieved, and pricing.

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