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Who Wants Shiny Healthy Hair?

I know I do and that is why I use Olaplex in every service and every step from the beginning to end of a clients appointment. Whether it's Spring, Summer or Fall, I'm going to use the best products on the market to keep the integrity of the hair.

When you spend a lot of money to get your hair done, don't you want to keep it up with amazing products that are going to keep your color from fading, your highlights from looking dry and lifeless, or your natural color free from frizz, shiny and healthy?

Using the right products for home maintenance is only going to guarantee all the work you had done on your hair and continue to keep it in the best condition and last longer. Buying products from discount stores, although may be a little cheaper, but are you really getting the product it says it is or saving money at the expense of your hair? These companies buy from third parties, so the product could be tampered with or expired! Did you know some of the brands in these discount stores actually strip the hair color out that you just paid to have done? Yes, they do and dry your hair out!

Here are a just a few reasons why I recommend Olaplex N0. 3 through No. 7 for your home maintenance either purchased from your Stylist (most preferred because your supporting small businesses), Olaplex Website, or Sephora! These are the only authorized sellers and retailing all at the same price.

Here is what Olaplex offers:

1. All products contain a patent ingredient, bis-aminopropyl diglycol dimaleate. You ask what is that? Well, this one ingredient permanently repairs disulfide bonds and prevent Cystic Acid from eating the protein out of the hair. It is the only brand on the market that actually does this and holds the 8 patents. So until those patents run out, no other brand and or product can do what Olaplex does even though other brands claim to do the same. It's called false advertising.

2. The products prevent further damage to your hair and internally repairs previous damaged hair. Did you know that we break those disulfide bonds daily with chemical, thermal, mechanical, even washing your hair with high alkalinity shampoo and environment.

3. They are all sulfate, phthalate, paraben free, & vegan. Very concentrated and takes a little. So, a little goes a long ways and you are not using excess and wasting product.

4. It will make the hair healthier, stronger, and shinier in addition to linking disulfide bonds which will lessen porosity and help with the longevity of color.

I hope this was informative enough to help you decide which home care products you should purchase in the future. I only want what is best for your hair and to give you the knowledge you deserve and stop throwing money down the drain. It's your call but know your options to happy healthy hair!

If you have any questions please don't hesitate to ask. If you know anyone that would like this article as much as you, Please feel free to share it via Email or Facebook. Make sure you subscribe to my monthly newsletter where you will find out about my latest adventures, specials and promotions. Thank you for all your support!

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