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Need a Volumizing Miracle? Meet Olaplex's Volumizing Blow Dry Mist!

voluminous blonde curled hair
Blonde Voluminous Hair

Are you tired of your hair falling flat and lacking that much-needed volume? No worries, Olaplex Volumizing Blow Dry Mist is designed to give your hair the lift it deserves while protecting it from heat damage.

  1. Start with clean damp hair. Once the excess moisture is removed, you're ready to apply.

  2. Shake and spray. This ensures the ingredients are well blended. Spray the hair and concentrate at the roots for extra lift or where you want extra lift.

  3. Use a wide toothed comb to distribute it evenly throughout your hair. It is lightweight and won't weigh the hair down.

  4. Section the hair first. Take your round brush and lift the hair at the roots while using the brush to smooth and shape the hair while blow drying the hair. Pro Tip: For extra lift, aim the blow dryer nozzle at the roots while lifting the hair with your brush. This will create instant volume and bounce.

  5. Once your hair is fully dried, Style as normal.

This reparative blow-dry mist creates soft, bouncy blowouts without leaving the hair stiff or sticky. It's buildable, even on dry hair. It is also proven to speed blow-dry time, provide humidity resistance, and heat protection up to 450º.

With Olaplex Volumizing Blow Dry Mist, you can elevate your blowout. Transform your hair from flat to fabulous in no time. Following these simple steps and unleash the full potential of this incredible product and achieve the voluminous, bouncy hair.

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