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Summer Blonde: In 4 Easy Steps Keep Your Hair from Turning Brassy.

4 Steps to keep your blonde hair healthy and looking its best without brassiness
Summer Blonde: 4 easy steps keep your hair healthy & bright.

Blonde hair is beautiful, but it can also be high-maintenance. If you want to keep your blonde hair looking its best, it's important to follow a regular haircare routine.

Here are 4 Steps on how to maintain your blonde hair using Olaplex:

  1. Wash with Olaplex 4C Clarifying Shampoo. Clarifying shampoo removes build-up of products, oil, and dirt from your hair. Olaplex 4C gives you extra cleansing power and will also remove surface impurities such as hard water minerals along with heavy metals & pollutants. Can be used weekly in place of regular shampoo to restore shine, vibrant color clarity, add volume & softness.

  2. Use Olaplex 4P Blonde Enhancer Toning Shampoo. Toning shampoo helps to neutralize unwanted yellow tones for brighter, more manageable hair. The longer you treat, the brighter the results. Can be used 2-3 times weekly but I do recommend only use as needed and make sure it is out of your hair for your next blonding appointment.

  3. Use Olaplex Nº 8 Bond Intense Moisture Mask. Blonde Hair can be dry and damaged, so it's important to use an intense moisture mask once a week. This will add shine, smoothness & body while providing intense moisture to treat damaged hair.

  4. Style with Olaplex Nº 9 Bond Protector Nourishing Hair Serum. This anti-damage hair shield is antioxidant-rich Red Algae. Apply to damp hair before styling. This will shield your hair from pollution for 48 hours & provide heat protection up to 450º. It has style memory, provides a satin shine & softness, and anti-tangle & anti-static.

By following these 4 Easy Steps to Keep Your Blonde Hair From Turning Brassy you can maintain your blonde hair and keep it looking its best. Download the guide below to help you maintain your blonde hair.

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