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What is Air-Drying all about?

Everyone has heard that over time, blow drying your hair can be damaging but what about Air-Drying? We have all heard It's the solution to prevent damage from using hair dryers, hot tools, and color fade, but not so much according to celebrity hairstylist, Paul Norton. He says, "air-drying isn't quiet as care-free as you might expect." Air-Drying alone just isn't enough!

Then what is the answer? Treat your wet tresses with plenty of products! It doesn't matter if you have curly or straight hair. What those products do is tame the frizz and dullness for curly hair and gives volume to straight hair. Always ring out your hair with your hands first then wrap in a microfiber towel to remove any extra moisture. Paul says, this eliminates hurting your hair cuticle which leads to breakage and frizz. Lastly, air-drying really long, thick hair pulls on the roots and causes hair to be flat at the crown. He suggests using a volumizer at your part and then flip your hair to the other side until your hair is dried, then flip back, creating volume. So, if you are going to air dry, make sure you follow these simple tips to get the full benefit!!!

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