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Yikes! Dirty Hair Brush?

Dirty Hair Brush

Yikes!! Ladies, we need to start cleaning our hair brushes out! There are so many more that don't than you realize. Honestly, we have all been there at one time or another so don't feel ashamed. At work, I am constantly cleaning out hair in my brushes and using an industry cleaner for sanitizing between clients bc I know if I don't State Board of Cosmetology will get me even for just one tiny hair stuck in the brush. On the other hand, I'm just like you at home and don't think about it at times.

So why it is important for us to clean out that pile of hair and clean our brushes? We often don't think about it or think it's a problem of any kind. To tell you the truth, it is a trap! A trap for dust mites (Yuck), dust, germs, oil, conditioners, etc... What ever has been in your hair is going back into that brush and if you don't wash your hair everyday, like me because it's better not to, then more of that collected buildup of junk gets more piled into that brush. Think about it, if you don't clean your brushes for months then you have months of crap built up in your brush.

Here's how you go about cleaning your brushes at home.

1. First take the clump of hair off the surface of the your brush with your fingers. If you

need help getting the hair out you can always take a pen or the end of rat tail comb and run it through the underneath of the matted hair and lift up. If that fails you can

always take scissors and cut down the center of the brush to help loosen it before

peeling back the hair. Here's one more suggestion if your having troubles, take two brushes and rub them together to loosen the hair up or invest in a little claw like tool

I use at work and would be glad to get for you saving you time and energy.

2. Once you have removed all the hair, it's now time to clean the brush. Fill your sink with warm water and a small amount of clarifying shampoo. Let them soak for a little bit to get all the build up loosened so it will be easier for you to remove. I like to take a tooth brush and start scrubbing away when I'm cleaning them at home. If I can't remove it the 1st time, then repeat until all the debris is removed.

3. Lay out to dry on a towel or if your in a hurry feel free to take the hair dryer and blow it dry.

Now perfectly cleaned and no more dirty brushes! Now you will see how much smoother and shinier your hair will be.

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