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Frizz Be Gone!

Frizz be gone! What a nuisance when dealing with so much humidity and fighting for your hair not to be so poofy or out of control. It is such a struggle, especially in the south. Here's a few tips to help combat those aggravating frizzies caused by when the cuticle layer (outer layer) of your hair is raised, allowing moisture to pass through and swell the strands.

1. Put moisture back into your hair by using a conditioner which will help manage frizz and create shine. Dry, damage hair is more frizzier. I Love Joico K-Pak Revitaluxe which helps in repairing damaged hair

2. Stop washing your hair daily an let those natural oils absorb into into the hair or use a leave in conditioner or frizz cream.

3. Turn down the heat source on your hot styling tools or go completely without them.

4. Use a round brush when blow drying to help smooth the cuticles flat.

5. Dry only the roots of your hair to give lift and let the rest go.

6. Don't brush dry hair after it has dried, this will disrupt your hairs cuticle and can stretch hair, leading to breakage.

7. Go alcohol-free. Did you know that professional in-salon products have less harsh ingredients, like alcohol, because they don't have to last as long on the shelf like drugstores products and grocery stores?

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