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Beautiful Hair...Beautiful Life!

There are days we just need a change. I decided to share one of my guest's hair transformation so you can see what is involved in accomplishing a desired looked. I have to say, "It takes time and patience." This guest was finally ready to take the leap.

We made a plan and went from there. We had to do an all over color first because it had been about two years since we had done any kind of chemical service on her and she had a lot of grey new growth. We went with copper tones because that's what her natural color has always been.

After drying her from her all over color service, we wanted to give her a natural blended sun-kissed look with the Balayage technique, and let that process in open air. We were then ready for the last step.

The last step is what makes the look unique and customized to the look you want to achieve. This would be called, Glazing, Toning, or Gloss, meaning adding shine and or color. A non-permanent color which lasts 5 to 6 weeks. This allows the stylist to enhance a color, make a more dramatic or subtle change. The beauty of this is that over a small amount of time, you can change it up and go with a completely different color tone. There are lots of options which makes it fun and exciting all at the same time.

Lastly, we gave her a blowout and made her shiny and smooth. Then we took one of my favorite tools, the 1" Hot Tools curling iron and gave her some of those beautiful beach waves that shows all the color dimension beautifully.

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