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How To Get Those Beachy Waves

We all love those beautiful beachy waves that everyone seems to be sporting these days but do you know how to achieve this tousled trending style to achieve those perfect loose curls? Here are a few suggestions to get the look!

For starters, always start with product depending on your hair type. For fine hair, use a moisturizing base product so it doesn't weigh it down and some texturizing spray or salt spray. For wavy, curly hair you want to use product to stretch the hair down, giving it a more polished look and soften the curls you have. For thick, straight hair, use the same as you would for fine hair but you could use a stronger product like a mouse to help hold the waves. For course or frizzy hair, try using a moisturizing cream or oil for more moisture.

If you have a flat iron and some texturizing spray, this technique is quick and easy on long hair. Divide the back of your hair down the middle and pull forward like you are going to do 2 front ponytails. take all the hair on the left side and divide it into 2 strands and criss cross them together in a twist. Once you have done that take your flat iron, starting at the top of the twist and hold it on there flat then open and move it down under that first clamp and continue to the end of your hair. Let it cool, then unravel the twist. Repeat on the other side. Then scruntch all of it and your ready to go. You now have beautiful twisted beach waves.

For overnight beach waves on clean and dry hair. You can do several kinds of braids. The rope braid, a fishtail braid, or a french braid. Go to sleep and when you wake up in the morning run your fingers through the braid to loosen up the waves. It's quick and easy and takes no time.

If you have a curling iron and some texturizing spray, this technique is good for short or long hair. Start by dividing your hair into two sections. The bottom section should start above your ear and go all the way around your head. Start taking a piece of hair around your face and wind the hair around the curling iron away from your face, leaving the end of the hair out. Continue around until you get to the middle back of your head. Repeat the other side and curl away from face until you reach the center back again. Take the top section down and start curling away from your face. Your just repeating what you did with the bottom section. Once done, take your sea salt and spray onto hair and scruntch lightly to add texture to the style.

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