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How Often You Should Wash Your Hair

You have probably been wondering how often you should wash your hair? All though this is a common question, it really all depends on the "root" of the issue.

Just like your face, your hair gets greasy for the same reason. Glands in the skin produce an oily substance called sebum. These sebaceous glands moistens hair and keeps it from drying out, which we all produce different amounts.

How much washing is right for you? This is a tricky question bc there are several variables like, skin type, texture, styling, chemical service all play a role. Washing to often can cause more harm because it gets rid of the oil which causes drying out your scalp. There really isn't just one correct answer.

If you have a greasy scalp, you probably need to wash more then once or twice a week. If your skin and hair are normal to dry then only once or twice a week.

Hair texture also determines how many times a week you should wash. If you have fine, straight hair you will likely need to wash twice or more a week. For curly or course hair only once a week is necessary because curly hair slows down the spread of sebum to the ends, according to experts at Columbia University. If your hair is dry and over processed it should be washed less frequent.

I know this will be difficult for some to change their hair washing schedule but if you can cut back to washing your hair to every 3 days or so you will see your hair looking healthier and less greasy.

On a side note, dry shampoo is a great alternative between washes because it absorbs excess oils and grease at the root of your hair giving it a cleaner, fresher appearance.

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