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Purple Toning Shampoo - Brass Buster!

Brass Buster you say? Yes this is the shampoo you need to be using if you are trying to eliminate some warm tones of yellow in your highlighted hair. This isn't just for blondes but also for brunettes with some highlights. This gives a cooler tone to your hair if that is what you're looking for.

Think of the color wheel. What is on the opposite side of yellow? It's purple which when they meet they will neutralize each other and brighten the warm yellow tones down.

I personally have used Joico Color Endure Violet and I like it. However, there are several brands out there and you just need to research some and find the one that you like best or works best for you. Purple shampoos can vary in color depending on how much pigment they have. I prefer ones that are darker in color.

* If new to purple shampoo, you should start by using the shampoo every other shampoo. Now usage will depend on your goal. If you feel like it's getting to cool or ashy then you may want to use it only weekly but if it's still warmer than you like, then you may want to use it more.

* People tend to be more brassy on top so you'll want to use more concentration on top and not so much on the ends. The ends are more porous so it will grab the color more and you won't want to leave it on as long.

* For brunettes, only apply to the blonde throughout oppose to the whole head. you can use regular shampoo for your roots.

* If you feel you are really brassy, just leave it on your hair for 5 minutes. If it's to minimize some yellow tone then I suggest a minute to two minutes.

* It can be scary looking at first but with trial and error you will find your routine. If you find you have really over done the use of purple shampoo and your are to ashy then just shampoo with regular shampoo and it will fade off.

I hope this has given you a new outlook on purple shampoo and if you know someone that would like this article as much as you, please share it via Facebook or Email. Make sure you subscribe to my monthly newsletter where you will find out about my latest adventures, specials and promotions.

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