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Goldwell Flat Marvel Straightening Balm!

As hairstylists we try many hair products to bring you the best in hair care. I wanted to share one of my favorite products I use daily at work because I believe in it and I feel it is essential to a daily routine.

What I love about their styling products is that they enhance your cut and color. They provide color protection and radiance and gives you that heat protection when using any hot tools. They also give you protection from environmental influences.

Flat Marvel is a straightening balm that gives you that long-lasting and smooth look you strive to achieve daily, especially being in the south where the humidity is so high. It helps combat the frizz that your hair retains from the moisture in the air.

Directions of use:

* Apply to towel-dried hair.

* Avoid roots

* Smooth straight with a brush or straightening iron.

I hope you get a chance to try it, you will not only love how it makes your hair look and feel smooth but you will also love the smell of it!

I hope this has given you a new outlook on Goldwell Flat Marvel Straighten Balm and if you have any more questions about this fabulous product please don't hesitate to ask. If you know anyone that would like this article as much as you, please share it via Facebook or Email. Make sure you subscribe to my monthly newsletter where you will find out about my latest adventures, specials and promotions.

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