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Try Color Melting!

With the changing of the seasons we start to feel like we need a little something new for our hair. Rather you choose to get some length cut off, try a new fall color or even try a new technique. They all are a great option for change but I want to tell you about a versatile look which is one of the hottest trends right now. Which brings me to Color Melting. Have you heard of this before? Well, I am here to fill you in.

Color Melting is placing two or three hair colors together so there's no line of demarcation. The goal of this graduation is to give you a seamless and natural look. You place the colors along the hair shaft and diffuse the shades together.

Visualize this, when you look at a child's hair you will notice that it's a little darker at the top where the new growth is. As you follow down the hair you will notice the strands getting lighter and lighter until the end where it is the lightest.

This is a beautiful look when done. This can be done with any color palette. It can be done with blonde, brunette, reds, or even some fashion color trend. In other words, It can be dramatic or subtle, brights to pastels to natural shades. There's a lot of different choices to give you the perfect look your striving for.

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