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3 Tips On Maintaining Your Hair Color!

Maintaining Hair Color

I find that a lot of people really don't know how to take care of their freshly colored hair. You make an appointment and spend the money to have it done professionally but don't really take that extra step to preserve it.

So today is your lucky day! I want to inform you on some basic knowledge to keep your hair happy.

For starters, make sure you use a gentle shampoo. A professional shampoo from a salon who guarantees it is the real deal and not expired. This means, not from a discount store or Amazon. You never know what your getting or the quality of it! Also, those cheaper end shampoos strip out your color a lot faster.

Second of all, I know some of you love to wash your hair daily. Although I can't stop you or make you use dry shampoo between washes but do hear me out. I recommend waiting two days before washing your hair after a color service. Washing your hair to soon might strip out some color before it has time to adhere.

Lastly, use a good, professional deep conditioner. I like Joico Revitaluxe because it helps against color fade, and repairs at the same time. You can use any "Good" conditioner you like, but this is just one suggestion and one of my favorites. This is not for an everyday use but to use once every 1 to 2 weeks for moisture! Come shop with me if your ready to add professional, reliable hair products to your daily beauty regimen. Press Here

I hope these 3 little tips have helped you and you have longer lasting color! If you have any more questions about maintaining your hair color, please don't hesitate to ask. If you do follow these tips and see an improvement, I would love to hear about it! If you know anyone that would like this article as much as you, please share it via Facebook or Email. Make sure you subscribe to my monthly newsletter where you will find out about my latest adventures, specials and promotions.

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